Are Landlords Responsible For The Safety Of Thier Tenants? Find Out From Your Property Management Company

25 Jul 2018

Dubai property management is a very challenging industry to be in, with its complex processes and numerous responsibilities on the part of both landlords and property managers. But among these concerns is one, which weighs heavily on the minds of landlords, namely their liability when it comes to their tenants’ injuries while staying in their rental property. But what responsibilities do they really have regarding this matter?

Property Owners and their Tenants’ Safety

Although different places have different laws and regulations when it comes to property management, it is a general assumption that landlords are responsible for their tenants’ safety when staying in their rental property, which is why they should provide and maintain a safe and secure environment for the benefit of their tenants. And any liabilities or exclusions should be clearly stated on the contracts and agreements of the lease. There are certain specific conditions for commercial or residential property management, when you can hold a landlord liable for a tenant’s injuries.

Generally, a tenant’s injuries can be blamed on you if it was sustained from a dangerous state on your property, which you failed to inform them of. If your tenant has reported a problem that you were not able to remedy in time and, unfortunately, he or she was injured because of it, then you will definitely be held liable. 

Specifically, these conditions can be:

  • Not informing your tenant about the dangerous state of things on the property
  • Not fixing a problem promptly
  • Fixing a threatening condition but not doing so effectively 

If your tenants’ safety is compromised because of negligence on your part, they can sue you for personal injury. So what can you do to prevent these situations?

  • Keep your property in perfect condition
  • Comply with health and safety rules
  • Do regular inspections and maintenance of your property
  • Make sure you address problems in the soonest possible time
  • Put your property in the hands of the best property managers

Following these simple steps will assure you of an efficient and safe business or home property management that takes your tenants’ safety into priority. And if you can, learn the laws of Dubai property management thoroughly, which is where Zawaya Property can help you out. Your Property Optimiser will help you safeguard your property while also considering your tenants’ safety. So be sure you learn about their services and learn what you and your property can achieve while you are with them. Visit Zawaya Property now.