28 Feb 2019

Deciding to rent a property whether for residential purposes or commercial ones can be quite daunting, especially when it is your first time to rent. This is why it is important to do your research and learn what to look for in properties as well as what to ask property managers or landlords when you start to find a property to rent. Don’t be intimidated with the task of property hunting, no matter how difficult finding the prefect building is. Just continue reading this article for tips on renting your first place.

Tips for First Time Renters

Renting for first time tenants should not be so hard. As long as you know what to keep in mind in your search for house rentals and be thorough in the process, then you will surely find the right place to rent.

To help you out, here are some tips from Zawaya Property, Your Property Optimiser and the property arm of Noor Bank, on how to find a property that is perfect for you no matter what your reason for renting is.

  • Look for at least 3 potential properties that you like and do your research about them. Learn about these properties online, from neighbours and previous tenants. Don’t rush the rental process. You will be investing a great deal of time and money on your rental property, so you should also devote enough time for your research on them.
  • Be aware that there are numerous scams in the property management industry. Be mindful of scammers who will entice you into signing a false contract and rob you of your money. Make sure you are able to view the property, meet the property manager or landlord in person and check the contract thoroughly before signing anything and transferring your funds.
  • Make sure the property you choose is within your means. Don’t be attracted to lavish buildings and suffer the costly consequences. Always set aside a budget for your rent and be prepared for unforeseen bills.
  • Be clear with the all the costs and payments and have everything in writing. Thoroughly assess the contract and make everything clear with the landlord or property manager, especially when it comes to bills. Question anything you don’t understand about the lease and be sure of the rules.

These are some of the tips that first time, and even seasoned renters, should keep in mind before deciding on a property.

If you need more advise about your rental plans, be sure to check with Zawaya Property so you get all your property needs and never have doubts about renting again. Visit their website now!