Being More Than Just A Middleman: Property Managers and Effective Communication In Dubai Property Management

17 Oct 2018

Property managers are often considered the villains in a tenant’s life, and these tenants would gladly choose to deal directly with the landlord when it comes to issues in their lease. But Dubai property management and their managers are what makes a landlord’s life easier and more comfortable, not having to deal with the processes involved in real estate but still assured of the best income from their properties.

And although there are definitely some property managers who are deserving of the villain title, not all apples in the basket are rotten. There are tenants who are grateful and are actually friends with their property managers. The secret in this beneficial three-way relationship between tenants, landlords and property managers lies in the communication process.

If you want to have this kind of relationship with your clients and be an efficient property manager, then this article is for you.

Here are some ways of being more than just a middleman for Dubai property management company processes:

Be prompt in responding to tenants’ and landlords’ inquiries and requests

Incorporate technology in property management processes to be more efficient in communication and other tasks

Be approachable, professional and reasonable in your dealings with clients. Being friendly doesn’t hurt either

Be knowledgeable about the property management industry and know all there is to know about the laws and codes of conduct for property managers

Take action in a timely manner and manage your time for all your tasks effectively

Set goals daily, weekly, monthly and more, and follow through with them

Communication is definitely the key to the success of any relationship, property management in Dubai included. In fact, 64% of tenants in a survey conducted by said they value good communication as a key focus in 2016. This says a great deal about the role of property managers in the processes involved in property management.

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