8 Mar 2019

It is a big headache for tenants to find themselves out of their rented home, especially when the landlord did not provide any valid reason for kicking them out. What is the contract for, if homeowners can just prematurely terminate it even if tenants abide by the rules and regulations? And what can you do about it? Let a professional property management company like Zawaya Property help you know what you can do when you are caught in this situation.

Premature Termination of a Lease

As everyone knows, a landlord and their leasehold property management can terminate a lease agreement legally, if a breach of contract has been found. This would include unpaid rents, new and unapproved occupants in the unit, and any other violation of the lease conditions.  

Legally, both the landlord and tenant can cancel a contract as long as they comply with all the relevant rental laws, as well as the Landlord and Tenant agreements.

However, if there is no breach of contract and the tenants have been excellent rule followers, what can they do if the landlord still decides to cancel their rent early, without offering any compensation?

  • First off, you need to know and thoroughly understand what is written in the lease. Sometimes, landlords include ending a lease whenever they want. And when it is stated in the contract and you signed it, there is nothing much you can do about it.
  • But if you read nothing like the above in your lease agreement, you can ask for assistance from consumer protection groups as well as from legal offices, or from RERA in Dubai. They can help you fight for your rights and live out the rest of your lease accordingly, unless your claim gets contraindicated.
  • If the landlord refuses to hear you out and stands by his decision, with the contract backing him up, the most you can do is pack up peacefully and move out.

While it can be unfair, going with the decision of your landlord is the least troublesome way. Which is why you should only rent from a reputable landlord or estate managementcompanies like Zawaya Property so you won’t have trouble with the likes of early lease cancellation.

When you are dealing with property managers from Zawaya Property, you can rest assured that the contract is followed and you won’t find yourself at a disadvantage.

Learn more about lease agreements and Your Property Optimiser, Zawaya Property now so you know what to do when problems with your contract arise.