15 May 2019

2018 was a year where a decline in commercial property and house rentals, prices and sales were experienced. But despite all these negativities, the real estate industry in Dubai is still looking quite bright. Property owners, investors, and real estate companies are feeling optimistic about the positive changes that will soon be felt in this challenging industry. While last year may have been bleak for property owners, what makes this year a whole lot different?

2019 UAE Real Estate Market

The start of 2019 was a little slow for the real estate industry in the UAE. But this slow start was modest and was attributed to the large volume of supply. A great many projects and infrastructure were completed in 2018 exceeding the demand for properties, leading to declines in prices and sales. However the gloomy atmosphere is soon expected to make a positive turn, and these factors will be the reasons for this much needed change.

  • The modest prices of properties in Dubai make it attractive for investors and tenants. Property buyers and renters are expected to increase this year, with many consumers entering the real estate industry to find a property for the first time. And this greater audience will make an impact on the market.
  • Different kinds of payment options for properties are now being offered. These flexible payment plans make property investments more affordable and quite appealing to consumers, completing their purchases with more ease compared to their previous options.
  • There are a variety of rent-to-own schemes available. The presence of such schemes come from the oversupply of property, making developers create a unique way of enticing investors to buy from them. And this makes it easier for buyers to decide on investing rather than paying a monthly rent that will soon expire.
  • New laws, such as the 10-year residency visa and the five-year retirement visa, provide residents with a feeling of permanence and belonging, making it easier for them to invest in the country.
  • The World Expo 2020 will surely be a great deal sealer when it comes to investments. The economic potential that such an event brings will also bring a lot of investors and tourists, thereby improving the real estate industry in the UAE.

These factors will start brightening the world of real estate in Dubai through the rest of 2019. So, if you are thinking about your options, don’t hesitate to enquire from Zawaya Property. Payment options for investments and tenancy will be no problem as they are connected with Noor Bank. Learn more about them now and visit Zawaya Property.