Do Residential Unit Tenants Really Hate Property Management Companies in Dubai? Why?

7 Mar 2018

Property management companies in Dubai seem to have more negative reviews than positive ones. And according to some,tenants of rental properties love to hate on their property managers. Is this true? Why all the bad rap on this career and the people  behind it?

Reasons Why Tenants Hate Property Managers

Although not all tenants detest property management companies, the animosity that some managers get from tenants is fairly common. But as the admin of a property put into your hands, you have to understand that those who rent it can be quite sensitive and may hate your proactive role in the management of their temporary home.

And here are some reasons why renters hate on property management jobs.

Negative impact of a property manager’s “enforcer role”. Just like a policeman’s  job, enforcing your role can be frowned at becomes the grounds for tension.

Minimal interaction between the property management company and the tenants. Because tenants and property managers only usually communicate when necessary,it builds a negative relationship between the two.

The property manager is considered a threat on the tenant’s “home”.

Feedback about the services of property management companies online have a lot of merit. These online feedbacks are even relied on by more than 60% of consumers who look for services and base their purchasing decisions on reviews from actual users.

Therefore, as a property manager, it is quite important to achieve your client’s expectations 
so you get positive reviews which potential customers can base their decisions  on.

The Solution

There’s a simple solution to all these negativity between tenants and the home property management company: Be professional but nice, at the same time.

Build a relationship with your tenants and communicate with them. These simple way can shed a positive light on you and your company as well as on the whole industry.  And you’ll get “thank you” in this usually thankless job.

Don’t fret, though. Because once you find the perfect property management company in Dubai, you will have nothing to complain about and will even love your property  manager.

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