Dubai Luxury Houses

30 Oct 2017

With its extremely reasonable property prices, when compared to other world-class cities, it's easy to see why real estate homes, and in particular luxury real estate in Dubai, are so attractive.

Property Prices - as the above suggests, property prices in Dubai are reasonable compared to similar cities elsewhere. However, any expatriate coming to Dubai has to consider the general cost and convenience of living, not only housing. How does Dubai compare?

Transportation - there is a wide range of transportation available in Dubai, an important consideration when bearing in mind residential areas and commercial areas tend to be separated. The fares for taxis and other forms of public transportation are rising. For car owners, Dubai offers the fifth cheapest petrol prices in the world.

Dining Out - this depends greatly on the preferences of the individual. In general, food prices are considered relatively reasonable in Dubai when compared to other similar cities. The Big Mac Index, popularly used to compare costs across places, has Dubai 25% cheaper than London, for example. The choice of food is second to none, catering for such a large number of expats – as almost 90% of the population is from overseas.

Education - those with children will consider this an important factor. Education costs in Dubai are considered relatively high, particularly for the British and American international schools. So much so, in fact, some expats send their children outside to be educated.

Communication - costs in this area are considered quite expensive when compared to other similar cities.

Groceries - as one would expect in a place where most foodstuffs are imported, some groceries can be expensive. That said, there is a wide selection of products to buy at a wide range of prices to suit every budget.

Utilities - bearing in mind the high usage of electricity in the hot months due to air-conditioning, power bills can be quite high.

Clothing - despite its tax-free status, clothing and footwear is expensive in Dubai when compared to other cities. As an example, a pair of Levi 501's cost around $120.

Healthcare - insurance is a must-have item in Dubai, so this needs to be factored in when facing annual insurance fees starting at around $2,800, depending on age and gender.

Furniture - Dubai offers a full range of prices, as you'd expect from such a city. There is a wide range of inexpensive items available, and even second-hand items are available for short-term expats.

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