31 May 2019

Off plan properties are making a comeback. And they are expected to be successful. Which is why many investors are looking for the best Dubai off plan projects to place their hard-earned money in and reap the benefits in the near future.

Reasons to Invest in Off Plan Projects

The real estate industry is a great field to invest in, as long as you know where to place your investments, that is. Just like every other industry, there are many risks involved in property investment. However, certain projects will make you brave the risks, projects like off plan property. So, why invest in them?

  • Off plan projects won’t make you pay as much as you think. Cash deposits required are usually only 20% of the total property value, not the 50% that many think. And payment options include 30:70 plans where 70% is paid upon completion of the project
  • It is cheaper compared to ready property. Cheaper since you get to arrange and prepare your finances throughout the contract, not force you to give the whole amount at once, which can hold you down with a huge loan
  • Many trusted developers have projects that are ready to be invested in. And with their excellent reputation, your doubts about investing will be greatly reduced

As much as people were quite affected by the real estate property crash of 2008-9, they are now moving forward and are bravely making investments in property. And because developers are making off plan properties easier to purchase for investors, with certain restrictions so the property crash does not happen again, they are willing to place their money into this kind of project. The question now is, where are the best off plan projects in Dubai? According to, these are the most popular areas with off plan projects today.

  • Downtown Dubai
  • Akoya Oxygen
  • Jumeirah Village Circle
  • Mohammad Bin Rashid City
  • Dubai Hills Estate
  • Dubai Marina
  • Business Bay
  • Meydan City
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubai South City

If you plan on investing in projects in these areas, it is recommended that you hire property management services like those offered by Zawaya Property. As these places have a great pull on tourists, they make successful rental property business that will bring you a wonderful return on investment. So do your research, get help from real estate experts and start investing. And for that, have Zawaya Property, Your Property Optimiser, on your team for a successful investing endeavour. Learn about Zawaya Property now!