Dubai Property Management: How To Reduce Crimes At The Rental Property

16 Jul 2018

There is no shortage of crimes all around us, and that doesn’t exempt Dubai property management units. After all, criminals will take advantage of any situation at any place, just to get what they want. Sometimes, criminals even target rental properties because tenants are assured that their units are well taken cared of and secured. 

Unfortunately this doesn’t hold true to all rental businesses. Landlords and property managers can have lapses and fail to properly protect the properties as well as their tenants from crimes. Now, what can Dubai property management companies and their managers do to address this issue?

How To Reduce Crimes At You Dubai Rental Unit 

Landlords, property management companies and property managers have a responsibility to protect their tenants from crimes around rental properties. Making your tenants feel safe and secure in their units, as well as in the neighbourhood and community, increases the chances of long-term leases and greatly decreases the vacancy rate of a property. And this is exactly what you want if you are in the real estate business. Although achieving this can be quite challenging, it is still doable. And these tips will help you to get there.

1.Meet or even exceed the safety standards of the real estate industry and Dubai Police. Follow the guidelines and make sure you have the necessary locks and bolts in your unit and that they are up to code

2.Provide adequate indoor and outdoor lighting for your units. Sometimes, all it takes is proper lighting to deter criminals and eliminate a crime of opportunity. A bright place also makes tenants feel safer

3.Have maintenance personnel and security patrol the property, especially at night

4.Trim tall bushes and hedges. These plants provide cover for criminals to do their crimes. Once eliminated, you also eliminate opportunities for such acts

5.Place security guards at your property. Hiring guards is definitely an effective way of securing the premises

Adequate security measures such as those listed above, along with reinforcing security policies, will help you prevent crimes at and around your rental properties. And an excellent Dubai property management company will get you the security you need at your rental property. This is where you will need Zawaya Property. The services provided by your property optimiser, Zawaya Property, will make sure your rental business achieves its goals. Find out how this company ensures both landlord and tenants as well as the rental property are fully safe, aside from the ways mentioned above. Visit Zawaya Property now.