Dubai Property Management Tips on Landscaping All Year Round

15 Oct 2018

There is no doubt about the power of curb appeal. When your Dubai property management company, like Zawaya Property, makes suggestions for improving a property’s façade for a great first impression it's because it increases the chances of a property being leased to the highest quality tenants. Improving a property’s exterior does not just mean making the outside of building more attractive. The surrounding of the property also counts and in this case landscaping is the answer. If repainting the walls and adding decors to the porch will make possible tenants stop and look, then enhancing the front yard with excellent landscaping techniques will double this effect. Here are some landscaping tips from Dubai property management companies, which can increase your properties’ curb appeal and be a head-turner when attractive real estate really matters:

Fertilize the soil around your property. You don’t have to spend too much on fertilizer. Just fertilize a little bit several times a year to make the soil ready at anytime for whatever plants you need to grow. After all, too much fertilizer can do more damage than good.

Take care of your lawn. The lawn is the base of landscaping, so it needs to be maintained and well cared for. Simply pulling out weeds, mowing and watering the lawn will do.

Complete your driveway with concrete or flagstone pavers. This flooring is more visually appealing and adds a positive mood to your property. You can also make the same pathway to your door.

Upgrade your exterior lighting. Illuminated paths and well-lit gates, as well as ambient and accent lighting on shrubs, can make a great difference to a property’s landscaping. The right lighting can enhance the facade and catch the interest of potential tenants in a way that other properties can’t.

Create a personalised resting place on your lawn. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. A simple large umbrella with seats and a small table will do. Adorn it with matching decor from your porch and it can be the perfect accent to your outdoor space.

Adding curb appeal to house by your property management services Dubai makes it easier to attract excellent tenants and finalise a lease with them. Moreover, eye-catching properties sell better and faster. And Zawaya Property knows how to add curb appeal to your properties. This excellent property management company in Dubai is not Your Property Optimiser for nothing. Learn how they can optimise your properties for the best results. Visit them today.