Going Beyond Expo 2020: New Homes Real Estate Dubai Property on The Rise

26 Mar 2018

Expo 2020 in Dubai will lead to a development of  new homes real estate in District 2020. This lavish new district will have 65,000 square meters of residential area space and 135,000 square meters of commercial area space. The mega district within Dubai South will include residential, commercial, cultural, entertainment and educational district. It is part of the Expo 2020 Legacy Development Project with intentions of making Dubai South the “New Dubai”. It will be the legacy of the Expo 2020, a landmark project commemorating the Expo itself and beyond it. The final construction work of the grand project will start in November 4, 2021 and will surely attract investments valued at billions of Dirhams. What does District 2020 mean to Dubai, residents, investors and so on? 

The Promises of District 2020

The construction of 65,000 square space of new real estate homes to help with the  demand of the growing population and the 135,000 commercial space, District 2020 promises more. There will be a 10 kilometer bicycle pathway for residents, 44,000 square meters of beautiful parks and recreation space, installation of 5G mobile networks within the area, and it will also retain and maintain 80% of Expo site for people to remember the Expo. The rising district will be developed to LEED Gold Standards for efficient, effective and sustainable construction, the iconic Expo structure Al West Plaza will remain, there will be academic institutions, museums and galleries, establishment of conference, exhibition, world-class children’s and science centres. A global logistics headquarters will be set up along with a dedicated Dubai metro station and a fully functional UAE National Pavilion. For those wanting to start a business in the area, office spaces will be made available from hot desks to campuses.

The Legacy of Expo 2020

The upcoming grand district in Dubai South will provide more real estate houses for residence, there will be an abundance of job employments within the area, real estate companies will be offered more opportunities to broker property deals, and  investors will be able to cash in on new businesses. Right now, prices of District 2020 in Dubai South are still low with the infrastructure undergoing development. Expect the prices to grow in the following years as it nears Expo 2020. If you are an investor, entrepreneur or into real estate property businesses, it is a wise move to start investing early on for the upcoming district to get a much higher returns and gain more profit when it is finally completed. 

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