Homes for Sale – Latest Developments

27 Oct 2017

There is a vast range of Dubai homes for sale and, if you are considering homes for sale Dubai, you might wish to search one of the many companies offering property for sale in Dubai, such as Zawaya Property.


Whilst the more conventional marketing tools can be effective in promoting properties, it's worthwhile considering what innovations are coming in the field of property marketing.

3D Tours

Virtual reality and 3D listings will continue to gain in popularity in the coming years. Sellers, and their agents, who think hosting an open house is enough may wish to reconsider. A 3D tour of the property has many, many advantages over the open house event. The seller controls what the viewers see, and they can show the property in its best light. The viewers can view a range of properties in a shorter time. The benefits of 3D, or even virtual reality tours, are numerous and compelling.

Facebook Ads

There is also likely to be an increase in the numbers of real estate agents using Facebook Ads. As with many, many other sectors, Facebook advertising is increasing in popularity and this is unlikely to stop any time soon.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is likely to be a trend going forward. Whilst relatively few agents use this at the moment, because of the cost or the skills required, it is surely going to become more and more important. The use of this tool allows agents to contact their leads by email and other electronic means, by using automation software.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is going to become even more relevant in the future. Agents will need to become even smarter to make their ads appeal to their target customers. This is most often done online, and with online advertising, content is king. Google's recent algorithm change and the increasing use of search engine optimisation make having great content even more important. Agents nowadays don't just need hits - they need the right hits. Real estate agents are increasingly finding that they have to grasp the opportunities that the new technologies and trends provide. At least the most successful ones are.

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