House Rental In Dubai: Zawaya Property Management

4 Jan 2019

Zawaya Property is the best real estate property manager in Dubai. They can help you to find the most suitable house rentals. They always have various kinds of building designs on offer that you can choose from, all of which meet the requirements for a comfortable, modern lifestyle. They are also one of the most trusted bank-affiliated property companies in Dubai. They set the highest standards for integrity and quality management to those who are trying to find a property. They follow ethical principles to build and preserve property legacies. They offer a full-lifecycle approach to property, not only for investors in houses for sale but also for the lessees.


Their leasing proficiency covers all areas, such as residential, commercial, industrial, retail and land plots. Their practical methods in leasing management maintain minimal void periods, high occupancy rates, and optimal returns on investors’ property investments. Their highly trained and fully skilled leasing team assists in categorising and negotiating critical contract terms that may affect asset values. They monitor the drafting and negotiating of alienation and contract break sections, incentives, repair obligations, user sections, rent review frequencies, provisions for the security of tenure, and rights to renewal. Their top priority is always to secure your best interests.



They help investors in reviewing their portfolios for certain issues. This includes identifying and implementing income and value enhancement initiatives through renovation and improvement prospects, developments in amenable and strategic maintenance, appraising and possibly renegotiating third-party service providers, and the furnishing of residences. Tenants can expect expert and responsive amenities that are available 24/7. Their facility management team ensures seamless maintenance support, which is always available when needed.



Zawaya Property is equipped with complete safety solutions to meet all security requirements for both investors and occupants of the units. They have comprehensive solutions for operational security management, combined with the latest security technologies. They follow a systemised process of consulting, designing, building and maintenance. From the earliest stages, through master planning to fully incorporated organisation strategies, they assemble all-inclusive security systems to cater to all kinds of properties. They examine the building site, the type of building to be constructed, the type of environment the investors want to promote to occupants, and the necessities that they need in order to guarantee smooth operations and continuous business progress.