How To Deal With Troublesome Tenants As Part As Part Of Your Property Management Jobs

29 Oct 2018

Property management tasks are very extensive. The jobs and responsibilities that a property manager has may seem so overwhelming and daunting that it discourages those who want to venture into this industry. After all, a property manager’s job does not just start with marketing a property and end when a tenant signs a contract. Getting into the Dubai property management industry starts by having the right knowledge and attitude in dealing with the full scope of your chosen profession. You will need to develop effective strategies to make a success in this industry; and, of course, you will need to be resilient in facing the challenges that go with it. But when you do, the fruits of your labour will be more than worth it. One thing that you need to develop when you decide to get into the rental business is a strategy in dealing with difficult tenants, because you will definitely come face-to-face with some of them. This is one challenge you will need to approach head on. And with these simple tips, you can be sure to manage them better:

Be professional at all times. Don’t act impulsively and let your emotions get the better of you. Troublesome tenants usually bring out the worst in their property managers. Be consistent and stay rational so nothing gets out of control

It is great to empathize with your tenants. But make objectiveness a priority. Don’t let anyone take advantage of your good nature. Be fair and treat everyone equally

Always stick to your policies and the contract. Emphasize the rules before a tenant signs the lease and remind them when they step out of bounds

Collect fees for late payments and other policy violations

Have complete documentation of your policies, agreement, complaints and their resolutions in each case. This will be very helpful in many situations, especially legal ones

With these tips in mind, you will feel more confident going into the world of real estate and especially property management UAE, where there will always be people who will try to manipulate and take advantage of you. Don’t fall for their tactics. Be cautious and firm, while still being approachable and sympathetic. And keep in mind that you are in a business. Of course, the best thing to do to prevent such a situation with problematic tenants is to not accept them at all. And this can be done with the best screening process. In the same way that Zawaya Property screens every potential tenant for their properties.

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