How to Succeed with a Property Listing

28 Nov 2017

Dubai Listings

There is a mass of new real estate listings, and more specifically Dubai property listings, so how can companies like Zawaya Property achieve a 98% occupancy rate for properties under their management?

The Golden Rules

There are a number of golden rules to be followed in order to effectively introduce a property to the market and ensure it is leased in a reasonable timeframe.

The Headline

First would be to ensure the headline in any advertisement is going to grab attention, just like a newspaper headline should. Short, concise and informative are the bywords for this. The objective is to differentiate the property from similar ones.

The Advertisement

Once you have caught the attention of prospective clients ensure the advertisement continues to keep their attention.  Making sure to emphasise any positive points such as location, proximity to good schools, and anything else that might be of interest, is the best way to do this.  Any special, or unique features should be detailed.

The Images

Quality images are essential to getting a property rented, especially so for online listings.  As well as the technical quality of the picture, make sure the subject is shown at its best. Take the images from the best angles to show the property, and its best features, off.  Don't forget to remove clutter to increase the feeling of space.

The Details

Next, try to ensure everything that needs to be known is included in the listing but don't forget to keep it clear and concise. The costs, specifications, location, lease length and what is and is not included should be detailed in the advertisement.

The Follow-Up

Finally, and very importantly, don't neglect to ensure those who have viewed the listing make contact for further information and, hopefully a viewing.  Provide the necessary contact details to make it as easy as possible for prospective clients to get in touch. 

The Deal

Following the above golden rules will certainly give the property a better chance of being leased quickly and at the best price, and be seen before comparative properties.

Further information on property listings in Dubai can be found at Zawaya Property.