25 Aug 2019

Deciding on renting property in Dubai is very different from buying your own place. When you purchase your own home, you alone are responsible for it and can do whatever you want to improve and maintain it. But with renting, you are the responsibility of a landlord who owns the place. So, you need to make sure you have all the things you need as a tenant, especially when it comes to facility and security management.

The facilities found in a rental property are one aspect that is important for those who live in the building. Which is why landlords should have a property and facility management company who are competent when it comes to providing for the demands of their clients. Moreover, security management should also be taken into consideration.

Now, when it comes to these things, what should tenants ask their potential landlords?

Facility and Security Management of Rental Properties

Renting a property to live in is a huge decision to make. Since you can’t easily cancel your contract, you need to be very careful and sure about your decision.

And this involves not just the rental price, the location and other common factors of renting. You also need to think about the facilities and the security of your future home. So, do your research and ask your landlord about such things before signing your contract.

·     Questions to Ask Your Landlord 

1. What are the contents of the rental unit?

2. What are the amenities found in and around the rental property?

3. Which of the facilities and bills will I be responsible for?

4. Can I add furniture, appliances and such, and decorate the place?

5. Who will maintain the garden and areas that need upkeep?

6. What are the security measures in place?

7. Do you have insurance and all the relevant permits paid up to date?

These questions will make you confident about the place you are going to live in. If you can be safe and secure in a place that has all your needs and most of your wants, what else could you ask for?

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