Investment and Dubai Homes for Sale

20 Nov 2017

The importance of property as an investment vehicle has long been recognised, with homes for sale in Dubai and homes for sale in other parts of the world sure to stimulate interest amongst investors. In Dubai, Zawaya Property is extremely well versed in the property investment field, having a portfolio of some of the best properties for sale in the region. These properties range from apartments to luxury homes, with highly competitive prices when compared to other locations and other regions.


As identified above, Dubai is one of the areas property investors consider when developing their portfolios, with numerous pros to consider when deciding whether to buy. However, there are also some cons to take into consideration as part of the process. 


Amongst the emirates, Dubai is one of the most, if not the most, stable, well developed and modern. It offers a range of sporting, leisure, dining, retail and entertainment choices comparable to anywhere in the world, with an ever-increasing choice of international brands available. For those requiring staff whilst living there, Dubai has an availability of good quality employees at affordable wages, another important consideration. One of the most important considerations for investors is taxation, and Dubai has a real advantage in this respect. With its income tax free system, and no property purchase, sale or capital gains taxes, Dubai is extremely attractive to investors in respect of taxation.  Lastly, the value for money of properties in Dubai compared to other similar locations is also a big attraction.


However, despite the numerous pros detailed above there are some cons to be considered.  One consideration is that as development continues, so does the increase in pollution, congestion and traffic. In terms of properties available, whilst there is a range of properties available, the tendency is towards the expensive and luxury end, resulting in an increasing dependence on foreign investors.

As the above considerations show, there are both pros and cons to investing in Dubai, but regardless, it continues to be an attractive proposition for investors. If you would like to know more about investing in property in Dubai, or other property enquiries, please visit for further information.