Keeping Up With Maintenance Tasks For Stress Free Dubai Property Management

26 Oct 2018

Many people don’t really understand what goes on in the world of Dubai property management. Some tenants and even some landlords have little to no idea when it comes to the tasks and responsibilities that property managers have. And this lack of knowledge and understanding is what frequently leads to the negativities that property managers have to deal with. But property managers actually deserve more credit. They have an extensive list of tasks associated with their profession that can sometimes be quite complicated and tough to handle. Among these tasks, maintenance and repair of the property is something that is usually placed somewhere down at the bottom of the list. Because of this, these tasks are the last to be dealt with and sometimes even forgotten. When this happens, property management services Dubai become inefficient and can cause a great deal of stress. So, how can professional property managers keep up with the task of keeping the property in top shape among all their other responsibilities?

Set an acceptable condition for your property. When this condition falls below the minimum, it is time for you to do repairs or upgrades

Establish the role of your tenants in maintaining the property. If you are in charge of the major repairs, let your tenants know that they are responsible for everyday wear and tear and fixing minor things around the house

Schedule inspections so you know your property’s condition and identify what needs to be done in and around the unit

Make a rule with your tenants about reporting damages or problems within a specific time frame. If they don’t, they will incur penalties or additional fees. You need to keep your communication lines open to make this rule effective

Make proper documentation of everything you have done on your property and make sure your tenant knows about this

Keeping your property in the best condition helps you to avoid any major repairs and extends the life of your property. This is the key to achieving longevity in the real estate industry. And this is why property maintenance should not be taken for granted. It’s a good thing that Zawaya Property knows exactly how to manage this for your property. As Your Property Optimiser, this Dubai property management company will handle your investments with the utmost care and will manage regular and preventive maintenance to keep your properties in the best shape. In turn, this will give you the best income you can possibly get and the maximum return on your property investments. Find out how Zawaya Property does all this and more and visit their website now.