Let’s Better Understand Our Trusted Dubai Property Management Company and Learn What the Manager Really Does

5 Mar 2018

Real estate investors have a lot to thank their Dubai property management company for. Not being able to manage your own property investment can be worrying and stressful but managing it on your own especially if you don’t have the required knowledge and skills can be even more so. That’s why a property management company like Zawaya Property is a godsend.

However, some property management companies don’t have a very good relationship with their clients as evidenced by the poor and sometimes scathing remarks and feedback the company gets. Although this situation rests greatly on the shoulders of the company, having an understanding on what the role of your property manager helps in establishing a better working relationship with them.

And once you have a positive professional association with property companies in UAE, it will be all butterflies and rainbows.

Responsibilities of a Property Manager

A property manager is who you hire to manage the day to day operations of your property investment. The exact responsibilities and role they adopt vary according to the type of property they manage, the amount they are paid and the terms of the contract.In spite of this, the most common responsibilities they have include:

Dealing with rent issues - This responsibility includes setting, collecting and adjusting rent.

Managing tenants - Managing tenants requires proper and strict screening of potential renters. This also includes handling leases, complaints or emergencies and move outs as well as dealing with evictions.

Maintenance and repairs -This keeps the property in a safe and habitable condition making it favorable for tenants.

Landlord-tenant law knowledge -Knowledge of these laws will keep you, your property, manager and tenant safe and free from trouble with the government and other issues with the law.

Accounting responsibility - Managing the budget and maintaining records is an important responsibility of the property manager.

Tax responsibilities - Filing the property tax can also be handled by your property manager.

Now that you know what property management jobs in Dubai entail, it’s time to entrust your real estate investment on them. As long as your property company is Zawaya Property, you can set your worries and stress aside and be assured of a professional, courteous relationship. Sit back, relax and let your property gain a better income with the help of your Zawaya Property manager.

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