Luxury Real Estate and Luxury Real Estate in Dubai

24 Nov 2017

Luxury Sector

There are a wide variety of real estate homes in the luxury market sector in Dubai, and other major centres across the world - if you would like to find out more about new homes real estate Dubai, Zawaya Property can assist you.

Property Valuations

Whether you are in the market for a starter home, a move-up property or looking at the high-end of the property market, one of the most important things to consider is, of course, price. This can be a difficult element of the property buying process, with so many variables affecting the final number. The best advice is to get the best advice!  Real estate companies such as Zawaya Property mentioned above, are experts in this area. They can carry out the essential market analysis, and advise on other matters such as financing the purchase and feasibility studies.

Current Prices

There are a wide variety of properties available in the luxury sector of the property market, both in Dubai and elsewhere. It's interesting to see what is available in different locations in 2017.

What $1m Will Buy - Top 10

In Shanghai, China, with $1m you would be able to get yourself about 46 square metres of property.  With that same budget, you would get slightly less space (43 square metres) in Moscow, Russia. If you wanted to buy a unit in the most exclusive development there, you'd need to spend about $2.2m. Paris, France, would provide 42 square metres of real estate for that $1m, just slightly larger than the 41 square metres you'd get in Sydney, Australia.  Sixth most expensive would be the Big Apple, New York City, USA. Your $1m would get you 40 square metres in a good location, such as Tribeca. If you were to buy a property in Geneva, Switzerland, you would be able to get just under 35 square metres for that $1m, significantly smaller than that you would get in New York, for example.  In Singapore, the city-state, you would be able to get less than 33 square metres for those one million dollars. Even smaller than in Singapore, $1m would net you just 25 square metres in London, UK. The second most expensive place to buy real estate is Hong Kong, China - only 20 square metres for your $1m. And the most expensive? Monaco, France.  The principality known for its extravagance would afford you only 15 square metres if you wanted to spend $1m. 

What $1m Will Buy -  Dubai

When you consider that you would be able to get 145 square metres of space in Dubai for your $1m, you can see how well Dubai compares to the places detailed above.

If you are interested in finding out more about the luxury real estate market in Dubai, please visit Zawaya Property for more information.