Planning to Find a House for Sale in Dubai? Read These Tips First

14 Mar 2018

Whether you’re a young professional or an experienced family man, you may have been bombarded with talks on starting to find a house for sale in Dubai,and investing your hard earned money on real estate property. This may be quite tempting because, as everyone knows, having your own home is a priority. And Dubai is one of the best places to invest in a house. 

Important Tips in Buying a House

Getting your own house, no matter where you are, is no easy task. Even when you say you’re ready, you need to think through so many aspects before actually  committing to real estate property. That’s why many people choose Dubai real estate for rent rather than buying their own property.

Renting accommodations is far simpler than the complex process of buying a house. But if you’ve made up your mind on investing in your new homes real estate Dubai, better stock up on this knowledge.

1.Assess your credit report and score. If you’re capable of and planning on buying a house in full cash, forget credit standings. But if you’re one of us who don’t have funds for that and need to get a mortgage, get your credit report and score first. Your credit report is your credit history. This includes loans, bank accounts and payments.Credit score, on the other hand, is an actual number that shows lenders how safe it is to have you as a client. The higher your score, the better. But a poor credit score will give you a bigger down payment on property and higher interest rate.

2.Find a good real estate agent. Be cautious of realtors who only want to make money. Find a trustworthy one who will represent you and your interests well. Never sign a buyer’s agency contract but form a long-term relationship with him. This step will make the whole process of finding and buying a house easier.

3.Find a direct lender. Direct institutions that will provide you with a mortgage will be able to give solid rates and low closing costs. Forget the middleman and find the best rates yourself.

4.Make an offer. Find how much the property is worth through a property inspector or a home appraisal and make your offer.

5.Move in! Once everything is settled, you’re ready to move in your new home.

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