18 Mar 2019

When you invest in property, you will definitely need the services of a property management firm so you can optimise your asset and get the best return on investment possible. But how can you find a top-notch company to handle your property for you? Easy. All you need to do is find a firm that does property, facility and security management all in one. A firm like Zawaya Property. Let us find out what the differences between these three management services are and how Zawaya Property delivers all of them.

Property Management

As you may know, property management is the overseeing of residential, commercial or industrial real estate, or any property that is owned by another party. The management firm, specifically the property manager, acts on behalf of the owner to preserve or improve the value of the property or building, while generating an income. Properties under this kind of management include villas, apartments, condominium units, complete residential blocks and even shopping centres.

Facility Management

If property management refers to the administration of real estate, then facility management involves the management of services that the tenant needs. This includes HVAC, elevators, repairs and maintenance, common area cleaning, and any other infrastructure or services that can improve the property user’s stay in the unit, as well as attract new users and increase the occupancy rate.

Security Management

Property and facility management are important services of a property management company. But apart from these, the security aspect of an asset is also crucial.

Security management refers to the security steps and procedures taken to ensure the safety and protection of tenants, as well as users of a property. This includes the security of the building and the facilities within it as well as the ones around it. And it includes safeguarding the building and the people in it against crimes and accidents. Installing security cameras and hiring professional security personnel is an effective way of achieving this.

With Zawaya Property’s full life cycle approach to property management, all these management services will be fully handled and thoroughly supervised. Along with their fully integrated management solutions, you can rest assured that your investments are in good hands. Moreover, with Noor Bank on their side, the value of your real estate assets will be optimized to their fullest. Visit Zawaya Property now to find out more about this professional company and contact them to learn how they will handle your investments. Check out their website today.