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6 Nov 2017

The real estate market is very active in the UAE, with Dubai luxury houses and house sales in Dubai being particularly active of late. Zawaya Property is a Dubai-based company who are able to help its clients with a full range of property services.

Property Management Services Amongst the range of property services provided by Zawaya Property is property management. It can help clients by carrying out professional tenant profiling, rent review and collection, tenant and lease management. 

It can also carry out administration, risk management and sustainability studies. By taking over these activities, Zawaya are able to leverage its expertise in a particularly complex part of the real estate sector and this is of huge potential benefit to its clients. Whilst some owners are happy to entrust the responsibilities of property management to specialist companies like Zawaya Property, others prefer to manage this area themselves. 

There are advantages and disadvantages of taking a DIY approach to property management. Knowledge and Expertise Amongst the advantages of enlisting the services of a professional property manager is that as professionals they have the necessary resources, knowledge and skills to manage a property better than inexperienced owners. 

Marketing Skills Property mangers also have greater expertise in the area of marketing a property, and in the screening of tenants to ensure suitability. By using a property manager, an owner has an increased chance of getting a higher rental fee for their property. Availability of Skilled Labour Another important consideration is that property managers usually have at hand a number of reliable and competent tradespeople, and they can therefore help ensure all necessary maintenance and repair work is carried out promptly.  Impact on Relationship

There are a number of potential disadvantages as well with hiring a property manager.  The relationship between the tenant and the owner might not be so well developed if there is only minimal contact between them. This may negatively affect how tenants feel about the property.

Cost An obvious drawback is that property mangers will receive payment for their professional services. This will erode profit margins and reduce the on-going income from rented properties. Time A final point is that whilst having a property manager will save time in dealing with tenants, time still needs to be expended dealing with the property manager. That said, this is likely to be less than would be the case if you managed the property yourself. 

As highlighted above, there are pros and cons to using a property manager to help with managing a property, but it would appear the benefits significantly outweigh the drawbacks. If you would like to know how Zawaya Property can help you manage your property, or indeed find out about any of its real estate services, please contact them for an appointment.