4 Aug 2019

Venturing into the real estate industry can be pretty tough, especially when you are an amateur when it comes to property sales. You will definitely need the services of a reputable property management firm like Zawaya Property in order to land successful transactions and get the right property investments.

You will also need all the knowledge you can get about real estate and learn what processes you can expect to encounter. And since you are probably going to deal with numerous real estate personalities, you should check out peoples’ body language so you know which of them are trustworthy enough to do business with. After all, the real estate world is a favourite den of scammers. But which kind of actions will lead you to people you should work with?

Body Language and Who to Trust

Actions do speak louder than words. When you are talking with someone, are you willing to work with them when they appear uncomfortable, insecure or cocky? You probably would not. So what signs will make you say this property manager or brokerage agent is sincere and will make you want to work with him? Here are some tips.

  • Work with someone who is confident. A property manager or agent who stands tall and exhibits good posture should know what he is talking about and will most likely have enough positive experience in the field
  • Find someone who talks to you directly and does not stand behind tables or chairs. When he does, it can imply that he is not comfortable around you or that he may be hiding something
  • Look for signs such as having eye contact, keeping an open stance or smiling, These indicate that a person is open to communication, is excited working with you, and feels positive about your future dealings

These are some of the signs you should be watching out for when you are looking for the perfect property manager to work with for your property investments.

And while you’re at it, start asking and talking with the agents at Zawaya Property. This property management firm is the real estate arm of Noor Bank, which says a lot about their reputation.

Being with Zawaya Property will assure you that your property manager is competent, professional and highly skilled when it comes to the processes involved in real estate. Just check out their website and you will know what Zawaya Property is all about!