18 May 2019

The real estate industry is an extensive area of business with many overlapping fields. And property management is one of those areas that need to constantly coordinate with other fields in order to be successful with their ventures. It needs to deal with facility management, security management and so much more just to make sure that everything is all set and in place. Doing so will ensure the success of a transaction and the future of the company. Because of this, property managers have another set of responsibilities up their sleeves aside from the ones they have that deal with property management. Not only do they need to oversee the things that a building needs, such as with facility management, but also the things needed to secure the property and its surroundings as well as ensure the safety of the people. So when it comes to security management, what are the responsibilities that property managers have?

Property Managers and Building Security

When it comes to property management, property managers have a lot of responsibilities in dealing with the needs of the building, the landlord, as well as the tenants. They need to make sure all the facilities that will make the building better are in place. This improves the property and makes it more appealing to tenants and future renters or investors.

On a different note, security measures should also be placed with high priority. And it is something that property managers need to oversee. The security responsibilities of Property Managers include:

  • Identify the risks and security threats that a property pose for the people in and around it
  • Provide a comprehensive security system that fits the needs of the building, such as surveillance cameras, fire and burglar alarms
  • Implement a strict access control for ins and outs in the property. Having security guards or an electronic swipe card for tenants are effective ways of implementing this
  • Make use of technology to easily discover dangers and address them promptly.

Property managers need to know what kind of security measures their building needs because every property has unique necessities. And the above responsibilities and more will definitely make it easy for property managers to deal with such needs. If you don’t know what needs your building requires, you can always ask assistance from the professional and highly skilled property managers at Zawaya Property. Affiliated with Noor Bank, you are ensured that your assets are in safe and excellent hands.

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