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30 Nov 2017

Dubai Real Estate

If you're looking to purchase a property in Dubai, or find Dubai real estate for rent, or get some market information on sale prices of Dubai houses, it will not be difficult to find what you are looking for. To assist you, there are a number of companies able to offer their services. Zawaya Property is one such company offering a comprehensive range of property services to their clients. 

Luxury Market

If you are more interested in the luxury sector, Dubai has a selection of highly desirable properties available, with prices as competitive as you will find anywhere. If you want to compare what's available at the very, very top end of the range overseas, there are a number of extremely attractive, and pricey properties to consider, each with its own story to tell.

Los Angeles

Beverly House, just off Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, has a price tag of around $135 million. If you're thinking about renting, it can be yours for $600,0000 a month. Facilities include a nightclub, a spa, two cinemas, a billiards room and a library. Being so close to Hollywood, it should be no surprise that it has appeared in The Bodyguard and The Godfather.

Los Angeles

Another Los Angeles property, which has appeared on screen in The Green Hornet as well as the 2008 Super bowl commercials, is the Fleur de Lys Mansion.  Continuing the sporting theme, it has two tennis courts, a spa and a swimming pool. Named after a French castle, it was sold recently for just over $100 million. 


Not in L.A. but still able to be featured on the big screen is the Villa Leopalda in France. Even an offer of an incredible $750 million back in 2008 wasn't enough to convince the owners to sell the star of films The Red Shoes and To Catch a Thief.


Remaining in Europe, $90 million would buy you London property Kensington Palace Gardens. Owned by an Indian steel tycoon, Lakshmi Mittal, it was bought in 2004 from the former chief of Formula 1 racing, Bernie Ecclestone. The property even includes a Turkish Baths complex.


As for Dubai itself?  A villa in Emirates Hills has a price tag of $35 million. It boasts a lush garden area, with the expansive greenery providing a relaxing environment. It also has its own indoor swimming pool.

As the above shows, there are a variety of not only super-expensive but also very interesting properties available around the world.

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