Protecting Buildings and Tenants from Disasters: Your Dubai Property Management Company and Manager’s Responsibility

4 May 2018

Your Dubai property management company and managers are not only responsible for keeping your building well-maintained. They also have to ensure property owners and tenants that their buildings are prepared for the worst.

With all the calamities and natural disasters happening all over the world in recent times, people are so much more concerned not just for their safety but also for the places they live in and work. Weather-related tragedies of the past has affected a huge number of the population as well as damages in properties and more. These occurrences greatly impacts those with property management jobs, not just in Dubai but all over the world.

You should know that your property manager has the task of keeping a building and its tenants protected from any kind of disaster. And this requires great planning and preparation so that when unexpected situations occur, properties suffer less damaged and people are safe.

When Disasters Strike

In 2017, United States alone suffered $306 billion worth of damages from natural disasters. People and properties bore the brunt of mother nature as a number of hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural catastrophes came upon them. And this has been recorded as the costliest year for the U.S.

But this is not the worst of it. Experts believe that things are going to get even scarier when mother nature attacks again.

So, people are urged to take on preventive measures and be better prepared for disasters. This task also falls on property managers who handle buildings with a number of tenants.

Property Management and Disasters

The responsibility of keeping a building safe and prepared for disasters fall on Dubai property management companies. So what does your manager do to ensure this?

  • Establish safety plans.
  • Acquire insurance.
  • Keep communication systems updated.
  • Keep up with codes and comply.

Does you property manager keep up with all of these safety measures and ensures you, your tenants and your property’s safety? Is your property prepared for the worst disaster?

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