Real Estate and House Sales in Dubai

1 Nov 2017

Investors and end-users alike are always looking to find a house for sale at the right price and the Dubai houses for sale price can certainly be considered very attractive when compared to other locations. Zawaya Property is well placed to assist those interested in purchasing property in Dubai

Micro and Macro Factors 

There are two kinds of factors that can impact property prices, micro and macro. The micro factors are those directly related to the property itself, whilst the macro factors are those factors that are more to do with the general economy. 

Economic Data 

The state of the overall economy itself is obviously going to have a huge bearing on the value of property. A number of economic indicators can be studied to identify the general health of the economy. These include GDP, unemployment data, inflation figures and income growth. An analysis of this data will give a relatively clear indication of the economic conditions and such conditions will significantly influence property values and prices. 

Interest Rates 

Interest rates are a second economic indicator. Interest rates have the most direct impact on property prices because they directly influence how much a borrower has to pay each month for a mortgage. Higher interest rates mean less can be spent on capital repayment, thus the amount a buyer will be willing to spend on a property might be less. 

Investment Outlook 

The general investment outlook also influences the property market. Investors will choose a variety of different investment vehicles at any given time and the more investors in a particular market, the higher the value of products in that market. It's estimated that at least 20% of the US real estate market is investor driven, for example. So there is clearly a significant role being played by the international investor community in property price fluctuations. 

Government Policies 

Government initiatives are also a factor that influence property prices. As an example, the mortgage interest tax credit scheme in the US probably drives up property values by as much as 25%, due to the tax savings on mortgage payments. In the UK, the government abolished tax breaks on mortgages in 2000. Such schemes directly influence disposable income and clearly increase or decrease the affordability of property, thereby affecting property values and prices. 

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