Real Estate for Sale in Dubai?

25 Oct 2017

What are the things happening that impact real estate for sale in Dubai  and real estate houses for sale in general? There are a variety of factors at play when considering house values, not least of which is the current condition of the property itself. In most cases, owners who have kept their properties in excellent condition will realise a higher price than those who have not. 

A key part of making a property look great is interior design. The following is a guide as to what's going to be hot in 2017-2018.

The trend towards softer colours and botanical colours will continue, according to experts. The interest in 1970s and 1980s colours was prevalent in 2016 and will be again in 2017-18.

Rose gold and copper tones will fade out, being replaced by pure gold, silvers and bronzes. What will be noticeable is the move away from perfect surfaces and towards imperfection and tarnish.

In terms of decorations and ornaments, the butterfly could be one of the hits of 2017-18. Designers anticipate an increasing use of this colourful insect around the home, both as wall art and as an ornamental piece.

We can expect to say goodbye to simple patterns, one of the trends as seen at the New York Fashion Week in late 2016 was mixed patterns. So, we can anticipate bed linen with a variety of different patterns, stripes mixed with floral, motifs, etc.

Faux is going to be big in 2017-18. Faux wood beams, faux leather counter tops, faux foliage and faux grey floors are all expected to make an impact in the coming year.

Navy will be the new black of 2017-18. You can expect to see ever increasing use of navy throughout the home, particularly as it doesn't make a room feel as small as black can.

Continuing the theme of imperfection mentioned above, raw white is going to be a big thing this year. This will lend an air of naturalness to homes.

There is also likely to be a trend towards foldable furniture. Things like retractable cooker hoods, folding stools, Murphy beds, and tables. They have even developed a folding park in Seoul, South Korea!

Texture has always been important, and it will be increasingly so in 2017-18. Experts believe that we spend so much time in front of computer screens and battling the stresses of modern life, that when we go home we will be comforted and relaxed by having a lot of textures around us - cushions, curtains and linens for example.

There you have an idea of what 2017 has in store for homes, in Dubai as well as across the globe. Hopefully, you will be able to incorporate at least some of them into your home this year.

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