1 Aug 2019

Security management is one important aspect of property management that property managers need to address. The safety of tenants and of everyone in a building should be a priority. And it is the job of property managers to see to it that threats and risks to these people are significantly reduced and avoided. However, security management does not only refer to the safety and security of a property and the people in and around it. It can also mean protecting your real estate business from outside threats. And this would include your cyber security strategies.

Real Estate and Cyber Security

Since we are living in the digital age, your property management strategies would include the use of technology to make processes easier and faster. But when you make use of such strategies, your cyber security measures should be strong and unbreachable. Because once hackers get into your system, your property management structure can go down the drain, even your whole real estate company or the one you are working for. So, how can you make sure nothing gets past your cyber security system?

  • Ways to Improve your Cyber Security
  • Strengthen the security of your building management systems. Make sure you hire the right people who are professional, trustworthy and highly skilled with technology in order to improve your management systems by integrating safe and strong online measures
  • Use multifactor authentication. Passwords, log in systems and other such methods should be updated and made stronger so that not everyone can enter your online systems
  • Make use of the best antivirus and malware protection systems and methods
  • Back up all your data separately and protect it well
  • Incorporate disaster recovery strategies and make sure they work as expected
  • Use notification alerts for just about anything. One example is exchange alerts where your team is notified of incoming emails from the same person but using different email addresses
  • Implement compliance standards within your company and stick to them

Security management is just as important as other aspects of property management, including facility management. Which is why your property management strategies should be holistic and handle different areas of real estate competently so that your business will not fall apart.

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