Stay in the Best Mansions in Dubai after your Exotic Gastronomic Adventure

16 Mar 2018

If you’re on a food adventure in the largest city in the UAE, you better have the best place to calm your taste buds, and by this, we mean the best mansions in Dubai. Fortunately, many amazing properties in this global city are on various real estate listings. You can either own or rent your perfect haven while on a gastronomic quest. Let Zawaya Property help you with this.

The comfort and pleasurable stay that these amazing real estate homes offer will give you the much needed rest after exposing your senses to the many different tastes of Dubai, and to prepare for another day of food experiences as well.

The Emirati Cuisine

Many people have a tour of Dubai written on their bucket lists. And why not, when this place has so much to offer, from the amazing scenes to astounding real estate houses, shopping and food exploration, and many more. It is no wonder Dubai is the most populated city in the UAE, not just in terms of locals, but visitors as well. 

If food is one of the reasons for your visit to this land of skyscrapers and high-rise  buildings, then you better prepare yourself. Although Dubai’s cuisine is inspired by  Asian and Middle Eastern countries, there is no shortage to the variety of food 
styles to try.

However, going local is the best place to start when exploring new tastes. Here’s a 
heads up on the top dishes to try in Dubai.

Camel meat. Camel is a common but popular dish in every restaurant’s menu, and is cooked in every style possible. The roasted stuffed camel is usually a hit with tourists.

Spices. Most Emirati dishes are loaded with chilies and spices, and are usually hot. Your trip to Dubai will never be complete without trying some of their flaming meals.

Street food. Cheap and delicious, local street food is a wonderful break from the extravagant menus in restaurants. Some locals even eat these inexpensive foods every day.

Shawarma. One of the most popular Middle Eastern foods is the shawarma. It is considered a fast food in Dubai and normally tastes spicy.

Dubai really has a wide offering of different tastes that many food lovers will take  delight in. Apart from this, the luxurious properties that you can stay in while in the city are a feast for the eyes. Do visit Zawaya Property to learn more about the best places to rent or buy in Dubai and have the best vacation you can possibly get.