Take a stand with Property Management Companies in UAE and Property Managers: Here’s Why they Deserve Respect and Understanding

23 Apr 2018

Many property management companies in UAE and their managers have quite a reputation, and it’s not a good one. While some may have earned their bad reps due to non professionalism or being outright rude and aggressive, many property managers don’t deserve the unfair branding.

Why Property Managers Get Bad Reps

Property owners have become quite wary about getting property management services Dubai because of the ill reputations that property managers placed upon themselves. Even renters dread having to deal with these managers.

But what have property managers done to give them this unfair branding?

Unfortunately, there are property managers that do awful with their jobs. In fact, there are some who don’t do their jobs at all.

  • Handing over keys to tenants without a condition report and proper inspection.
  • Do not conduct regular inspections and maintenance.
  • Do not respond to tenants’ complaints and requests.
  • Do not discuss tenant’s requests with the property owners.

Property managers who do these and more unprofessional acts make property owners ditch the middle man and deal with renters themselves. And this puts a dent in the property management industry.

Unfair Branding of Property Managers

Professionals with property management jobs are always being branded as greedy money-grabbers. Yes, there are indeed some who act this way.

However, today’s property managers go through many rigorous trainings and seminars that shape their professional ways and are changing the way the public looks at them.

Imagine these topics that property managers have to acquaint themselves with.

  • Residential tenancy acts
  • Landlord-tenant agreements and laws
  • Building rules and permits
  • Human rights

And so much more. Not to mention spending long hours on inspections and maintenance as well as being prepared at any time for any complaints and requests by tenants.

Property managers may be strict and proactive with their tasks, sometimes verging on being thick skinned. But these qualities are required in a job such as theirs.

Property management companies would be quite grateful to their clients if they acknowledge where these professionals are coming from and why they are rigorous and stern. But companies should also train their employees with the proper ethics and how to build a mutually beneficial relationship with their clients. Just like how Zawaya Property managers are.

Plus, property managers are not the only ones with bad reps. Tenants can also be quite frustrating.

So before you judge property managers, put yourself in their shoes.

And get the services of managers from Zawaya Property because it will surely change the way you see property management and erase the bad reputation of managers. Visit Zawaya Property now, you property optimiser.