Technology In Dubai Property Management: Augmented Reality

22 Oct 2018

The Dubai property management industry, along with everywhere else for that matter, has never been one to integrate technology easily. But in this digital age change can slowly be seen in the processes around real estate. And the industry is showing that it’s adopting technology in the best ways possible. When we say technology, it does not only mean integrating software into management processes such as documentation and rental collection, or bringing modern tools into buildings for the convenience and security of tenants.

Dubai property management companies today are taking it up a notch and making use of the most advanced technology in all processes involved in property management. Technology in the form of augmented reality… So what is this technology all about? Augmented reality achieved fame when it was used in gaming just a couple of years ago. This technology infuses a virtual world into the reality. It creates a new environment using computer-generated graphics which is placed on top of what you see using certain tools, like the AR glasses. Since its success, augmented reality has been incorporated in many different industries, including health care and education. And now, real estate is joining the bandwagon.

What benefits does this kind of technology have in the property management field?

Augmented reality helps in planning and architecture of rental properties. It allows users to walk around a blueprint and see how designs fit in with the building

It gives users a memorable and more interactive experience when viewing properties

It can engage consumers and create a buzz when used in promoting rental units

Think about consumers trying on clothes before making a purchase. That’s what augmented reality does in real estate, especially where residential property management is concerned. Families, most especially, would like to experience their potential homes before making a decision. And augmented reality has a great impact in this case.

Technology really is making waves in every industry. And the property management area won’t be left behind. Today, it’s augmented reality. What kind of technology will we see next in real estate in the near future?

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