Technology In Dubai Property Management: How It Will Impact The Growth Of Your Business

24 Jul 2018

The Dubai property management industry has continued as it was for far too long, without the help of technology. Even some property management companies stand by the claim that this industry does not need any disruption from such advancements. But, let’s face it technology has taken over every field globally, from transportation to communication, and marketing to tourism. Just name it and you will see technology has affected almost every industry in the best way possible. And now, the property management industry is jumping on the bandwagon, slowly … but quite effectively. 

Will your business join this trend, as well? Find out how having the best technological tools will affect your property management services Dubai.

Technology’s Impact on Property Management

There are so many ways having the right technology can better your property management processes and make things easier for you:

  • Go paperless and easily search through countless documents at just the click of a button. Dubai property management companies can now forget about their steel cabinets with locks and turn to digital recording of all documents where they can look for specific ones effortlessly
  • Save big on digital leases and processes. With the right tools, you don’t have to go and meet every tenant personally for whatever you may need. You can even go digital with your contracts and have them sign online
  • Track and record maintenance processes and their progress with online logging. GPS logs and tracking allows you to check on your maintenance crews and know which properties they have already visited. This helps you organize your timeline and prioritize tasks effectively
  • A specific ledger for each tenant that records every transaction. If you can go paperless, why not go cashless as well? Technology can let you accept online payments and keep a record of every transaction that you had with each client, which makes for a cleaner transaction every time
  • Rental information on every unit in one app. Whenever you need information on the units you handle you can easily search through specific apps and get all the details you need. No more running to the office, calling staff or sifting through documents for this.

While there is no single technological tool for all these processes, finding the right ones will make a huge impact for your business. Don’t wait until technology becomes more costly and harder to incorporate into your property management processes. Let Zawaya Property help you adapt to these changes and adopt the perfect technologies to better your rental business. Visit Zawaya Property now.