Tips For Attracting Families to Your Residential Property Management Units

29 Aug 2018

Residential property management units often promote for tenant families with young children. Attracting these type of renters is quite different from appealing to commercial tenants, students, singles and others, as their needs are quite different. The challenge is to find ways to draw these tenants into your home property management. Fortunately, we have some good tips that are there to help you:

Ensure tenant’s safety on your property and in the community, and make sure tenants know they are well protected. Talk about the crime rates, nearby police stations, security measures such as security guards and CCTV cameras, and other ways that can establish that tenants’ safety are your priority

Provide accessibility to resources such as grocery stores, drugstores, medical centres and leisure centres, that families will most definitely have a need for. Let possible tenants know about your Walk Score and Commute Score, that tells how close your property is to certain destinations

Mention affordable supermarkets, restaurants and other eateries near your property. This information will highlight how cost-effective it can be living in your rental property. Having a wide variety of food choices when it comes to budget and kid-friendly, as well as fast meals is a great attraction for families with kids

Attract tenants with an outdoor space that will make for a great family activity or place for kids to enjoy and play. This is a huge plus for tenants which can push them to choose your property over others

Promote the affordability of living in your property. If your rental unit is in a recognized area for affordable living, make sure you let consumers know this. Knowing they can save on living expenses when they rent your property can be a determining factor for signing a lease with you

These tips are valuable in developing strategies for your residential properties that will make families choose you, instead of the competition. But, of course, having a Dubai property management company like Zawaya Property will make your work a lot easier, especially when you have little to no experience with managing rental properties. Find out how Zawaya Property optimises rental units for the best tenant experience that will make your business achieve longevity and the best return on investment. Visit Zawaya Property now.