29 Sep 2019

Owning a residential building or units in a property is not enough as an investment. You shouldn’t just offer a place for families to live in. You need to make that place the perfect home for your tenants or future buyers. And to be able to provide the best environment for them, you need the best property and facility management services so your clients can have a comfortable and safe place they can call home.

Now, when your building is transformed into something that people, adults and children alike, will want to live in, they will fight for a chance to rent or own your property. That is when you get the best return on investment from your real estate endeavours.

But how can you turn your property investment into something that residents will want to choose as their home?

Facilities that Families will Love in Residential Buildings

Singles easily calls residential buildings home, but families with children and elderly members of society are looking for something else in places they would call home. When you want to cater to this market you will need to consider your facility and security management and provide amenities according to their needs and wants. And what are these?

Here are some of the top amenities that families look for in residential buildings:

1.      Community garden and playground. Providing a decent-sized garden in your property with a corner for people to grow their own plants or vegetables in and a little playground for kids to enjoy is perfect for families to build connections with others, as well as provide some other benefits

2.      Pet-friendly amenities. Families love to have a pet. And providing amenities for them, such as a pet day-care or grooming services, will be something that pet owners in your building will love

3.      Sports and fitness amenities. People today love getting fit. Providing this opportunity in your building is a great way for families to stay healthy and bond without even leaving their home

4.      High-speed Wi-Fi. In this digital age, connecting to the Internet is a must. And this is something that you should provide for your residents since people will definitely be looking for it

5.      Pool. Having a pool in your building provides not just a fitness opportunity but also a recreation for families and it will set your building apart from others!

People have different needs. And when your property caters to a specific market, you should be able to identify those needs and provide them in the best way you can so your residents will feel most at home, comfortable and safe.

And for this, you need experts in property management, like the managers at Zawaya Property, the real estate arm of Noor Bank, to develop your building and turn it into what people will call their best home ever. 

Zawaya Property is Your Property Optimiser. If you want the best for your real estate investment, learn more about this company and their services now!