UAE’s Newest Attractions will Make you Invest in That Luxury Real Estate in Dubai Now

30 Mar 2018

2017 is a great year to invest in the most populous city in the UAE, with one promising investment being luxury real estate in Dubai. With the many new attractions, tourist spots and activities being offered in this luxurious city, people are looking through Dubai’s property listings like bees buzzing over honey.

What’s Hot in Dubai

This year has opened new sites for leisure and activities both for tourists and locals, with developments on other attractions still on going, making it the best place to invest in real estate homes. Here are some of the newest crazes in Dubai’s scenic lifestyle that most people would want to be a part of.

•Etihad Museum

Opened in January 2017, this amazing museum houses the history and tells the story of how the United Arab Emirates was founded. Its unique design is based on a manuscript, with its columns resembling the pens used to sign the declaration of the treaty, which established the UAE. If you want to take a walk within the Emirate’s past, visit Etihad Museum.

•Dubai Garden Glow

Established in 2015, this favorite family destination is now in its third season. It has three new themes to add to its variety of magical experiences: the largest glow in the dark garden, the biggest dinosaur park, and Dubai’s coolest hangout, the largest Ice Sculpture Park. Enjoy this unique theme park with its countless offerings for children and adults alike.

•Dubai Frame

Set to open soon, this 150-meter high attraction will give visitors a new look of Dubai. It will showcase a 93-meter long suspended glass floor platform to give guests a view of Old Dubai on one side and New Dubai on the other. Be one of the first people to get a different but incredible view of this wondrous city.

•Deira Islands
Although the road leading to Deira Islands is already open, these 4 interconnected 
artificial islands are still under development, but will open by the end of this year. 
The destination, with a 23.5km coastline and 8.5km beaches, will offer relaxed island living with many tourist attractions to offer. Be ready when this majestic spot is finished and experience what it has to offer firs thand.

These are just some of the newly opened and on-going developments in this amazing city. If now is not the time to invest in your own property listing in Dubai
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