22 Sep 2019

Being an adult gives you so many responsibilities and requires you to stand on your own two feet, without the assistance of your family, especially your parents. This includes living independently, whether you buy or rent a place to stay from the best real estate in Dubai or elsewhere.

And since millennials are all grown up now, this is on their to-do list. In fact, almost half of home purchases in the United States last year were from millennials. This population group is fast becoming a major sector of today’s property buyers. 

Unfortunately, since most millennials are buying their first homes, they don’t know everything about real estate and the processes involved in sales and in owning their first property. So they often have a few regrets when it comes to their decisions on buying property for sale in Dubai.

Let us find out what these are and learn from them.

Millennials’ Regrets About Buying their First Homes

The world of real estate can be quite confusing and has so many twists and turns that you need to navigate properly in order to find the perfect property that you can call your home. Even real estate agents and property managers still have a challenging time when it comes to their work. Moreover, if you are a part of the generation of millennials who are looking to own their first homes, you will be prone to having a few regrets about your endeavour. Just like these typical ones: 

1.      They were in a hurry to own their first home and rushed into buying property without thinking of other options

2.      They have mortgage payments and interest rates that are too high

3.      They looked for homes with lower down payments but end up with more debt and bad credit scores

4.      Unexpected repairs and maintenance cost more than they were prepared for

5.      Being unable to relocate to a better place, as well as having undesirable neighbours made them regret their decision

Don’t let yourself have these negative feelings about your first home. Having your own place to live in should be a celebration and not a time for sorrow.

So learn from your fellow millennials, do your research before you make any decisions and consult the best property management Dubai company, Zawaya Property, for your property purchasing needs.

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