What are The Top Amenities that will Attract Tenants to Your Dubai Property Management Buildings?

31 Aug 2018

It is no longer enough just having a rental property to attract tenants to sign a lease with you … this is what today’s Dubai property management industry will tell you. Although tenancy rates are far from decreasing, with a great number of Dubai’s growing population still preferring to rent over purchasing their own homes, it will take a lot to attract tenants to choose your building over the burgeoning competition. And it is because of this, that upgrading your rental units or adding amenities matters greatly. By investing in upgrades, you are assured of a greater chance of acquiring quality tenants and having them stay for longer. And with it comes a better cash flow and lower vacancy rates for your properties.

The question is, what kind of amenities and upgrades will you offer tenants so they will choose your buildings?

Top Amenities for Properties that Tenants Look For

The millions of buildings in the UAE that are leased out is only expected to increase in the coming years. But with the supply of properties currently exceeding demand, the competition between rental properties in Dubai is fierce. Fortunately, having better amenities and offering upgrades in your rental properties will give you an edge over the competition. Check out the top amenities and upgrades according to property management companies in UAE that tenants look for in buildings, and incorporate these into your properties for a greater chance of landing quality tenants.

Better security such as having security guards and security cameras around the building and in the community

Good wireless internet connections

A patio or balcony, or access to parks and other outdoor spaces

Parking spaces

Washer and dryer inside the unit

Modern utility services such as solar power, rubbish recycling or district cooling

Smart appliances to monitor energy and security that can easily be controlled from a smartphone

An updated rental unit with great amenities is a huge attraction for people looking for the perfect rental building. And in offering these, you will get a significant return on your investments. Find out which amenities work best for your rental properties and for the tenants in your area, so you can offer them the best and make a better profit in the process. And in this, Zawaya Property will be your perfect partner. Let them help you achieve success with your real estate investments now.