What Does it Take to Complete Property Management Courses in Dubai and Why should you Hire Property Managers?

9 Apr 2018

Property management courses in Dubai are usually taken by those who are interested to work in the residential or commercial property management industry and become property managers. 

However, it’s not enough just being interested in this area of real estate. Just like every other profession, you will need determination and passion in what you are pursuing, like the property managers at Zawaya Property, your property optimiser.

So, what are the studies included in property management courses that you have to undertake in order to become competent managers?

Property Management Courses

Those who enrol in property management courses may learn everything from commercial building financing and maintenance to renting apartments and more. You can choose to have a professional certificate or a bachelor’s degree.

  • Professional Certificate in Property Management - can be a stand alone certificate or part of an overall real estate or facilities management program.
  • Bachelor’s Degree - usually required for commercial property managers.

Here are the most common concepts that property managers at Zawaya Property learned before landing their property management jobs in Dubai.

  • Basic Management Skills
  • Business and Real Estate Laws
  • Tenant Relations and Communications
  • Accounting and Finances

Once you’ve completed these courses and couple it with interest and perseverance, you are sure to be a highly skilled and qualified property manager.

Credentials for Property Management Companies

Having completed property management courses doesn’t automatically make you a property manager. Many countries would require you to take a real estate board exam.

And property management companies in UAE need to be licensed by the local real estate board.As a licensed property manager, you are now capable of working in behalf of your client for the best of his real estate property.

And here are some of the responsibilities that will lie on your shoulders.
  • Rent Responsibilities
  • Tenant Dutie
  • Maintenance and Repairs of the Property
  • Tax Obligations
  • Overall Supervision and Administration Duties

Now that you know what property managers go through to be able to handle your real estate investments, it is time to willfully hand your property over to them, especially when they’re a part of the best real estate and property management company in Dubai, Zawaya Property. Visit them today to learn more about them and their services.