What Is Dubai Property Management On Strata Living All About?

16 Jul 2018

We understand Dubai property management as the comprehensive management across commercial, retail and residential sectors, that allows these buildings to be rented out to selected tenants for the profit of the property owner. 

But have you ever heard of strata living and what exactly is strata management?

Strata Living And Property Management 

To put it simply, strata management is all about the processes that involve a building or property that is jointly owned and comprises multiple units, common areas and common facilities. Strata management differs greatly from that of traditional property management, in that it centres on communal living. This type of property management also has its share of challenges and difficulties. So how can you make strata living work for tenants from different walks of life?

Successful Strata Management 

Here are some tips for property management services in Dubai that will help make your communal property a success:

1.Make sure the building is in excellent condition. Provide regular inspections and maintenance checks to ensure that the building is properly maintained and that every complaint is addressed right away

2.Improve the design and aesthetics. It never hurts to make your units pleasing to the eye. Good design and aesthetics easily attracts clients and engages them to turn decisions in your favour

3.Provide functionality and improve liveability on all levels. Provide amenities that improve the functionality of the property and makes strata living convenient and comfortable for tenants

4.Ensuring that everything, from lighting to walkways are functioning well and inspect every nook and cranny of the building to repair any broken and non-functioning items

5.Ensure safety and security of everyone. Having the best security for your building may just be the reason why tenants choose to live with you. Hiring security guards to provide security is one way of achieving this

These tips should help your properties prosper and be a success with tenants in strata living. To incorporate this into your leasing processes, you need to find the best property management company in Dubai. This is where Zawaya Property comes in. Zawaya Property is you property optimiser. Find out more about this excellent company and learn how they can help with your rental property business. Visit their website now.