What The World Expo 2020 Means For Luxury Real Estate In Dubai

19 Feb 2018

What would the World Expo 2020, being the first large-scale international event in the Middle East, mean for luxury real estate in Dubai? Although this event, which will showcase a 6-month long exhibition on trade and innovation all over the world, the advantages it will bring to the global city of Dubai is countless. The diverse world class products from all over the UAE will be displayed throughout the event and the real estate industry, as well as other sectors, will surely have so much to gain.

Benefits of the World Expo 2020

The World Expo 2020 is a venue for so many opportunities not just for Dubai but also for most Middle Eastern countries. As reported, the industries that will gain the most in this world-class affair are:

· Hospitality

· Retail

· Transportation

· Banking and finance

· Real estate and property listing

· Entrepreneurial businesses

More specifically, this event will boost the Emirates’ labor force by creating more jobs for the people, with most of the jobs coming from the tourism and travel industries.

On top of this, an expected 25 to 30 million visitors are set to arrive in Dubai during the World Expo’s time frame which will give a great helping hand in the tourism and hospitality sector. From these numbers, around 17 million are predicted as foreign guests. The influx of these people will greatly improve the economy because of the revenues it will produce.

Real Estate in the World Expo

Projects surrounding real estate in preparation for the World Expo 2020 will give this industry the comeback it needs. The production of new jobs from these developments will surely be the push it needs to get out of the slump it has been in for a while.

As reported, Dubai homes for sale and rent have been falling further and further this year because of the continued losses of high paying jobs. Residential properties such as villas, mansions and single-family homes have decreased up to 10% in prices while rents of these listings dropped 4.9%.

Fortunately for luxury real estate in Dubai, the nearing of the World Expo will soon draw a close to this gloomy situation.

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