20 Oct 2019

It is a given for property investors to find someone they can count on when it comes to finding and managing a property that can give them a positive return on investment and a significant income. This is even more true for those who are amateurs in the real estate world and have no idea about the processes involved in purchasing or renting property, as well as in property and facility management.

Of course, making the right move in property investments is sure to be rewarding. Unfortunately, certain decisions, even just one bad one, can cost you your whole investment.

So, be sure with your decisions, do your research and work only with the best in the industry.

The Wrong Real Estate Agent

The real estate world is full of different people with different personalities. Sometimes, you can be confused about who you need to deal with or who you need to talk to when it comes to your investments, whether it’s property, facility or security management you want to know about or handle.

Unfortunately, this industry is also a favourite of scammers, which is why you need to be more careful who you deal with. Researching about the right people or company can be the key to finding the perfect agents and property managers, like the people at Zawaya Property, who can join your team.

Now, what can the wrong agent do to your property investment?

·     You don’t achieve goals and you shell out more money for the investment than you expected or were advised

·     Your transactions with potential buyers or tenants are always negative

·     Your whole experience with investing in real estate is not a good one

·     You find many opportunities for you and your property just pass you by

  • You get questioned or frequently slapped with legal issues 

Knowing this will help you avoid working with people who don’t have anything good to contribute to your investment. And it will make you more careful with your transactions. This will then lead to discovering the right experts that will help you make the most out of your endeavours.

You only need to figure out which market you want to cater to and do your research about the experience and knowledge of your potential real estate agent. You can talk to the people at Zawaya Property, the real estate arm of Noor Bank, and you will surely find the right partner for your investments.

Zawaya Propertyis one of the top real estate companies in Dubai. And as Your Property Optimiser, they will make sure your investments will pay off. Check them out today!