Will You Run into more Problems if You Rent from a Dubai Property Management Company? Or will it be the Other Way Around?

9 May 2018

People looking into properties for residential or business purposes are torn between having to search through a Dubai property management company or through private landlords who work by themselves. Most may even choose to go with deal with a landlord who handles his properties on his own.

And this is all because of the belief that you will run into more problems if your choose to go through a property management company in finding the perfect abode for your family or business.

What are people saying about management companies and property managers, specifically? And why all the negativity?

Renting through Property Management Companies

Renters believe that they are at the receiving end of all that’s bad in the transaction between property managers and tenants. While landlords sit back and relax and have their property earning for them, the middle man does all the work. Or none of it, as tenants soon find out. And so, the home or building they expect to be comfortable in becomes their living nightmare.

A new consumer report has revealed things that tenants find disappointing in dealing with business or home property management companies.

  • 42% of renters say that their requests for repairs go unheard of and they keep waiting for an action or even just a response.
  • Tenants are more likely to report lack of heating and persistent mold in their rented home or buildings.
  • Tenants fear being evicted or have their rent raised when they complain.

Renting through commercial or residential property management companies have a low satisfaction rate as compared to the 54% high rating of those who rented directly through private landlords.

The negative images of property managers have been etched in the minds of tenants because of previous experiences. And so, they choose to deal with landlords themselves hoping to lessen the troubles that come with renting.

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