Zawaya Property In Partnership With Noor Bank

10 Jan 2019

One of the best real estate companies in Dubai  is Zawaya Property. As a partner of Noor Bank, they are at the top of the list for the most trusted property management service teams in the UAE. They have exceptional standards in quality management to those who are trying to find or develop a property, and the highest standards of integrity in the way they deal with clients. They have a set of ethical principles, which they always follow strictly in order to create and preserve property legacies for their clients. They also have a full-lifecycle approach to property management.


  • Manages over 4,000 properties in Dubai at the highest occupancy rates
  • Offers equity release through their partner Noor Bank
  • Provides real-time reports on property management



  • Cost-effective analysis and benchmarking
  • Wide-ranging investor database for targeted direct marketing
  • Clever pricing strategy
  • Useful recommendations for marketing initiatives and coordination
  • Release/phasing strategy



Areas such as residential, commercial, industrial, retail and land plots are covered by their leasing expertise. They have useful approaches to leasing management, to help maintain the lowest possible vacancy periods, promote high occupancy rates and optimise revenues on investors’ properties. Zawaya Property has a highly competitive leasing team, which will help to identify and negotiate critical contract issues that may affect property valuations. They closely supervise the arbitration process to secure the best returns for their clients.



Their facility management team will ensure that maintenance support is always available whenever needed. They also maintain each property’s facilities with revisions and regular upgrades. The occupants are guaranteed to have the best amenities that can be provided.

The team is always on hand to review each client’s portfolio and make recommendations in terms of property facilities and services. True to their slogan ‘Your Property Optimiser’, they will identify and implement revenue and value enhancement initiatives, through remodelling, renovation and beautification of the property.



Zawaya Property can provide top-of-the-line security services for property owners as well as their tenants. From the beginning of the contract, the security team will start the planning of organisational strategies and will continue during the operation of the property. They will assemble a complete security system to provide the right support for all types of properties. They will inspect the building lot, the building’s construction, the environment, and the requirements that are needed in order to secure effective operations.