Zawaya Property: The Best Real Estate In Dubai

7 Jan 2019

Zawaya Property is the real estate arm of Noor Bank. They are one of Dubai’s most qualified, bank-affiliated property companies. They offer incorporated property management solutions on commercial properties for sale, unit leasing, and other property investments. They assist both commercial and private property holders to elevate the value of their assets through their pre-emptive approach to property management. Their team focuses on improving the profitability of client investments, both locally and internationally. They also strive to increase each property’s long-term value, while decreasing clients’ operational costs and moderating investment risks. They offer the most professional services at every stage of the property lifecycle.


  • Offer equity release through their partner Noor Bank
  • Manage over 4,000 properties in Dubai at the highest occupancy rates
  • Provide real-time reports through their property management CRM system


  • Residential property selling
  • Commercial property selling
  • House rental
  • Unit rental


  • Smart pricing strategy
  • Recommendations for marketing initiatives and coordination
  • Economic and competitive analysis and benchmarking
  • Extensive investor database for targeted direct marketing
  • Release/phasing strategy


Zawaya Property’s advisory team carries over 50 years of experience across all areas of the real estate industry. They provide a neutral and autonomous range of investment recommendations customised to clients’ particular needs, including:

  • Land acquisition
  • Best use of property studies
  • Development strategies
  • Real estate market analysis
  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Risk assessment
  • Portfolio management
  • Exit strategies


Valuations are a significant foundation in making comprehensive financial choices for real estate companies, developers, banks, investors and fund managers. Knowing that economic situations may change, knowledgeable analysis becomes even more important for property owners. Zawaya Property offers Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) certified valuations for commercial and residential properties, land designs, retail locations, and hotels, throughout the UAE. RICS is the governing body that regulates all valuation surveyors.

Zawaya Property’s expertise lies in providing its clients with the most recent and valuable professional advice, which goes far beyond merely presenting a value. As an impartial third-party valuation service provider, they provide a wide range of property valuation services and personalised advice on the value of physical assets and long-term substantial function of investments. All their valuations are carried out according to the rules and guidelines set out in the RICS Red Book. Their valuations can be used for all eventualities, such as:

  • Development appraisal
  • Feasibility studies for land acquisition
  • Pricing studies
  • Guide to purchase
  • Mortgage security
  • Home finance
  • Balance sheets
  • Immigration support