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Property Management

Whether you are an institutional or private owner, we can help you to optimise the value of your property assets through our proactive and full-lifecycle approach to property management. Our experienced team will focus on improving the profitability of your investments and increasing their long-term value, while reducing your operating costs and mitigating investment risk. We will care for your properties professionally at every stage, from construction through to portfolio management.

  • We manage over 4,000 properties in Dubai at the highest occupancy rates
  • We offer equity release through our partner Noor Bank
  • Our property management CRM system provide real-time reports

You can always rest assured that your properties in Dubai are in the best hands. We will ensure that you are seamlessly updated about the current state of your investments with a full set of reports. In the unlikely event of a tenancy dispute, we will also manage Rent Committee cases for you and can serve legal notice for non-payment or eviction. 

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